Magic Circle of Protection Dragon Agate Amulet Silver Necklace

Magic Circle of Protection Dragon Agate Amulet Silver Necklace
Price: $37.99

Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days
Ships from and sold by Best Amulets

Product Description

Genuine and Natural Natural Agate Gemstone High Grade Pewter Dragon Charm with Burgundy Enamel Comes with 925 Sterling Silver 18 inch Bead style Chain Necklace Gemstone Size: 34 X 20mm, Dragon Charm Size: 29 X 22mm Comes with Gift Box This is the Most Natural Way to wear Jewelry and get your own individual Unique and Magic Amulet. It comes in Genuine and Natural Agate Gemstone and High Grade pewter Dragon charm and Burgundy color Eneamel. This Charm comes in Magic Designs, where the Dragon is holding Protection Circle Shield, which makes this charm Very Eye Catching and Stylish. This Amulet comes with 925 Sterling Silver 18 inch Bead style Chain Necklace. DRAGON Myth and Legend: Dragon was and still remains a very Strong Good Luck Symbol in Many Cultures. It is a Symbol of Long life, fertility and wisdom. For Centuries it was believed that Dragon Amulet will Protect from Evil Spirits. As well it brings Good Luck to Business, as the Dragon is able to adapt easily to changing circumstances and Have very strong defense mechanisms. It also Represents Happiness to its immediate owner. Stay Unique and One of the Kind with your own Dragon Amulet. GOOD LUCK and NATURAL Powers of AGATE Gemstone: Agate known as a Good Luck stone. It Brings Peace and Happiness. Agate is a Protective stone. Its protective energies are more gentle and subtle than some stones. It can be particularly effective when calling upon Angels for protection. Inspiration is another hallmark of blue lace agate and that can assist in inner attunement, and has been said to be useful for performing Miracles. As well it balances Yin-Yang energy. It can help bring stronger intuition and inner knowing. Green Moss agate is considered a stone of communication. Agates have long been thought Magical, curing everything from thirst, the evil-eye and bad dreams.


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